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Banana Flower Vada - my 4th guest post by Sathya Priya

Hello Friends,

Today i am here with my 4th guest post "Banana flower vada" by Sathya Priya. She is a new fellow food blogger and she blog over 'mykitchenodyssey' which talks about authentic Chettinad cuisine. I came to know about her, when she left a comment on google+ on my post. When She asked me for a guest post, i immediately said yes and here is her wonderful post. Guys please visit her blog and thanks for your support.

Now over to Priya,

When I started this blog, I looked for some support. Pooja was very kind and 
accommodating. I thank her very much for this great opportunity. Pooja has a 
wonderful cooking blog "Daily Swad Sugandh". I love her recipes a lot and I 
have tried quite a few of them, one among them is babycorn-cashew-curry. It was super tasty and yummy. I hope you guys also enjoy her recipes.

Hi readers my name is Priya. I was born and raised in Tamil Nadu. I got married in 2009. Before marriage my cooking skills were at a very basic level.  After we had our daughter I stayed at home and that’s when my interest in cooking picked up.
After our move to US I got to try different cuisines and I wanted to recreate them for my husband and daughter. In my spare time I wanted to share my experiences with you all, hence this food blog.
Almost all of my Chettinad recipes are from my Mom, Mother in law and my Grandma. They are great cooks and I learnt a lot from them.  I watch cooking shows for menu ideas and to learn new techniques.

Banana Flower Vada:

This is an authentic Chettinad dish. In Chettinad every part of the Banana tree is used for cooking. Banana flower (வாழைப்பூ) is very rich in fiber. It is a little bitter though. This a good way to get everyone to eat Banana flower. My mom, my mother in law and my grandma all make this delicious Vada. Banana flower is a little difficult to clean but trust me it will be worth the work. In thailand banana flower is used in soups and curries.


    1 Medium size Banana flower
    1 small onion
    A pinch of asafoetida.
    A inch of turmeric.
    Salt as required.
    Oil for frying.

To Grind:

    1/2 cup Toor dal (soaked for half and hour and dried).
    4 Red chilies.
    1/2 tbsp Fennel seeds.
    1/4 tbsp Cumin seeds.
    1 tbsp grated coconut.


  1. Peel the Banana and remove the stem and cut it in to small pieces.
  2. Soak the toor dal for half an hour and drain the water and dry with damp paper until moisture is absorbed.

  3. Grind the ingredients under "to Grind" to a coarse consistency.
  4. Mix the ground items, cut peeled banana flower, onion,turmeric, salt and asafoetida .
  5. Make small balls out of it and flatten it .
  6. Deep fry them for 2 mins on one side and flip it over and let it cook for another 1 minute .
  7. When the color changes to brown, remove it from oil and drain excess oil on kitchen towel paper.
  8. Serve hot with rice.
  9. You can serve it as in an appetizer too.

After you clean the banana flower keep it in a airtight container so that it wont change its color.
If the mixture is too thin add some rice flour and mix it again.

Hope you've enjoyed Priya's delicious Vada! Thanks for stopping by my space..
Would you like to post your recipe on my space, please send me an email on I would love to hear from you soon. Be my guest! 

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  1. Love banana flower dishes ,the healthy vada looks yummy.

  2. Been a fan of Sathya's recipes and here I see another unique and healthy vada.

    1. Thanks nava .I am a fan of our dishes too.

  3. Thanks very much dear friend Pooja.Thats so sweet of you sharing your space.

  4. Lovely post and a nice recipe.. Vada really looks yum

  5. Banana flower is a dear vegetable at our household too. lovely vada recipe.

  6. wow lovely post first of all Pooja.. very nice recipe too Sathya Priya

  7. Yummy and healthy vadas Priya ....nice guest post pooja....

  8. Thanks everyone.Stay in touch

  9. yummy and healthy vadai... my favourite one...

  10. Never used Banana flower, havent even tasted it yet.. But I know it has some medicinal properties apart from being delicious ofcourse ! :)


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