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Health tip- Malkangani a powerful brain tonic


Malkangani (A powerful brain tonic) 

Intellect tree, or Celastrus paniculatus, is a climbing shrub, also known as malkangani, found throughout India. The seeds contain fatty acids and alkaloids, and have sedative and antidepressant actions. 
Ayurvedic practitioners use the seed oil as a brain tonic and as a treatment for memory loss.  (source: Internet)

Talking about my personal experience, I have been using this medicine since last 15 years when I was experiencing severe headache throughout the day and it was getting worse as the days passed. I visited my family doctor who recommended me to visit an
Eye doctor. He mentioned that my headache was due to eye sight problem, and prescribed low power specs. He told me that as I would continue wearing specs for at least 15 days, the headache should go away. But After 15 days, my headache was same, and specs power had been increased. Then my father finally decided to take me to Ayurvedic practitioner who advised me to take malkangani beej and explained the way how to take it, and it was the course of three and half months. Surprisingly, Just after 15 days, my headache was gone completely and I didn't have eye sight problem anymore. I have been taking this regularly, and I found that it has induced a feeling of well being into me as it is antidepressant.

Traditional Use:
For thousands of years, Malkangani was used for many different ailments, but most notably it was administered as a powerful brain tonic, appetite stimulant, and emetic. According to Greco-Arabic Yunani medicine, the oil of the Celastrus seed was used to treat physical weakness, mental confusion, alleviate asthma symptoms, reduce headaches, cure joint pain and arthritis. The medicine men (Baidya) made a tonic of the seed oil, they used this tonic to mitigate mental fatigue, memory loss, as well as to boost memory recall, retention, and other thought processes.   (Source: Internet) 
Uses of Malkangni:
1.   It is used for sharpening the memory, increasing intellect, improving concentration and facilitate learning.
2.   The seed oil is used for massage with great benefit, especially in vata diseases like sciatica, lumbago, paralysis, arthritis and facial palsy.
3.   The seed oil is useful to hasten the healing in non healing wounds and ulcers.
4.   Essential for acne, boils, eczema and hair loss.
5.   Excellent pain reliever.
6.   The seed oil is extremely beneficial as a sirovirecana cleansing nasal therapy, wherein the drops instilled into nostrils, ward off mucous secretions in colds and cough.

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  1. Celastrus paniculatus is also called as black oil plant. The oil is produced from seeds are used to make ayurvedic medicines. It is also a good tonic for memory loss issues.

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