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Delicious Snack by Tazeen Abaji - My 1st Guest Post

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Blogging unites the people around the world. In my two and half months of blogging, I came to know so many blogger friends who are extremely talented cooks. 
Allow me to introduce a good friend of mine, Tazeen, whom I've never met personally, but known through the blog world. I met her through her page, Simply Life which has mouthwatering recipes, restaurant reviews, beauty tips etc. I'm thankful to her who gave me the opportunity to start the first guest post on my little space today. 
Thank you dear Tazeen for such a lovely guest post and sharing a recipe of delicious snack. My pleasure to have you as a guest and friend.. :)
Over to Tazeen now..
"The best thing about Daily Swad Sugandh is that the frequency of posts is amazing, So many bloggers fail to keep updating frequently but this blog I must say, helps you experience a great variety almost everyday!!! Simple yet effective from taste to presentation.
When I started food blogging, Pooja Agrawal was the first blogger to appreciate my effort. And also, she slowly became an inspiration to me, on how to actually make food blogging interesting.
The best thing about her is that you don't have to be a great blogger to get in touch with her, you just have to have a little of what she will appreciate, and you are good to go.
When I got to know that there is something called guest posts I approached her, and she happily encouraged me to have this post today!!! 
I am thankful to her, for all her support!!!

About me, My name is Tazeen Abaji, I am just a new blogger presently residing in Dubai ,my blog is called "Simply Life" , and it speaks all about  restaurant reviews, recipes and also beauty tips and product reviews.  I got married a year ago, and now enjoying being a homemaker .Why I love cooking, is all because of my mom, she used to be the best cook in our family, and all her magical taste is kind of inherited by me. I enjoy cooking and receiving appreciation, and I am happiest when the food I serve comes back empty plate.
Cooking for me was always experimenting, I remember when I was in school I was so keen in joining my mom in the kitchen, And my mom doesn't remember when she actually had to teach me how to cook, Cooking just got into me!! Thankful to mom and Allah!!
Among my fans are my parents, My hubby, my friends ,my siblings and i Hope more people join too.. LOL

Today's recipe is a snack which is very famous in Pune, Maharashtra. You will find it on most of the street stalls, amazing taste, crispiness and who doesn't love fried stuff in India??
Sabudana Wada it is!!!!
Are you in my category where just hearing such names gets water in your mouth???
Also getting to you a twisted chutney, which gives you a cooling effect with the hot wada,, that was introduced by a famous stall in pune and served with this wada,!!!
So lets jump quickly to the recipe...

Sabudana Wada Recipe

Preparation time:30-40 mins

Ingredients -
For the Wada:
  • Soaked sabudana or sago(400 gm, soaked for at least 4 hours)
  • Boiled and peeled potatoes (1 large)
  • Green Chilies crushed (8)
  • Coriander Finely chopped
  • Salt to taste 
  • Oil to fry 
For the Twisted Chutney:
  • Yoghurt (250gms)
  • Cumin seeds (1tspn)
  • Coriander chopped
  • Mint leaves chopped
  • 2-3 green chilies
  • Cucumber 1 peeled 
  • Sugar 1tbspn
  • Salt to taste

 Method -

For the wada:
  1. Drain the soaked sabudana well, and mash the potatoes, mix these two together.
  2. Add to it the crushed green chilies, chopped coriander and salt, Mix well
  3. Make patties out of the mixture avoiding any cracks in between and deep fry them. The patties will look like this.

 For the chutney:
  1. Beat the yoghurt well with a spoon, avoid using a blender as we want the yoghurt to be thick in consistency. Add sugar and salt and beat again.
  2. Blend the coriander, mint leaves, cumin seeds, green chilies in a blender, add little water if required. Mix this with the yoghurt.
  3. Last and final twisting, take the peeled cucumber and grate it into the yoghurt. The cucumber must be grated in such a way that you should feel it in your mouth while having the chutney. 
  4. Serve the wadas with the chutney.
  • The cucumber yoghurt chutney gives a very different and cool taste, it soothes the hotness of the wada, and is an amazing yummy combination with wada. 
  • Do not make the patties too thick otherwise they will remain undercooked from within, you want them to be crispy."

Hope you've enjoyed Tazeen's delicious snack! Thanks for stopping by my space..
Would you like to post your recipe on my space, please send me an email on I would love to hear from you soon. Be my guest!

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